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Austin Schwinn

Data Scientist Exaptive Inc


Austin Schwinn is a Solutions Engineer and Data Scientist at Exaptive, focusing on facilitating innovation through software. He has a diverse professional background, ranging from being a member of the US National Kayak Team to working as a business intelligence analyst for a top 50 specialty e-commerce company. He earned his Master’s in Machine Learning and Data Mining from Université Jean Monnet, with the goal of working on socially beneficial projects.

Austin joined Exaptive in early 2018 and has worn many hats. He has worked on projects ranging from interactive, 3D visualizations of chromatin for geneticists to providing technical support to organizations focused on preventing climate change. In all his roles, Austin continues to pursue his passion for leveraging both human intelligence and computer algorithms to support researchers and organizations tackling some of humanity’s hardest problems.


Using Failure as an Asset to Facilitate Coproduction


Failures are useful, if not essential, data for progress and, ultimately, innovation. Organizations tend to keep failed experiments private. They can be “dark assets” – data, people, and other resources that have the potential for impact but go unseen and underutilized. As Innovation Managers in charge of facilitating innovation on their team or teams, failures can be an important asset to uncover and socialize.

Failures should become essential data that are analyzed and visualized along with your other resources. Innovation Managers can form teams and projects with the right resources to learn from, build upon, and overcome prior challenges.

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