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Luiz Otavio

Senior Design Strategist, Piaggio Group


Born in Brazil, Luiz Otavio ventured in consultancy in his home country, engaging in a variety of projects that go from chairs to ventilators to the ‘white goods’ realm for 7 years, before moving to Europe to obtain his Master in Strategy, Innovation and Product Design. Senior Researcher in the Strategic Innovation Team for the Piaggio Group, where the team is responsible for envisioning the future through mid and long term view research regarding mobility, social and technological trends, consumer analysis and concept development, working transversally with the Design, R&D and Product Marketing departments.


Value Translation in Mobility:Developing for a World that Moves Fast, Understanding a Consumer that Doesn’tExist

Going deeper on the changes that are happening in the mobility market due to the behavior shifts of the users, and in this dive, showcase what is being done inside our team and the relationship we have with other departments using the consumer as a filter for developing value translation.

Corporate Address: B2BEUROPE, Kingsfordweg 151, 1043GR, Amsterdam ( The Netherlands )

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